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a nice little habit

A nice little habit

My life has been a whirlwind the past few weeks.

2 days after moving my life to San Francisco, I started a new job and haven't looked back since. When I'm not working, sleeping, or squeezing in exercise, I'm doing my best to meet new friends for beers or coffee.

Which takes me to the reason I've made such an effort to meet new people. I remember dreading the weekend during my Freshman year of college. When everyone else was excited that a hard week of work had come to an end, I was worried I'd be stuck in my room without anything to do. It's a feeling that has stuck with me, and I never want to feel it again.

I've jumped at every opportunity to meet new people since I've been out here. Some aspects of my life have "suffered" as a result. I've slept less than I should, exercised infrequently, and most noticeably have written less here.

Everyday that goes by without writing, I feel like I've left my house and forgotten some important object behind. I don't think as clearly or communicate as efficiently on days that I don't dump my thoughts out on this site.

With this post, I'm committing to making writing a daily habit again. I'm glad that I don't feel right on days that pass without writing, and I encourage you to embrace your (good) habits that have fallen to the wayside as life continues to speed by around you.

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