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enjoy the day

Enjoy the day

Set goals.

Has anyone given you that advice?

I hear it from successful people all the time, but I'm never sure what to do with it. I'm scared that the goals I set will limit me, not that I won't achieve them. I worry that they are the wrong goals. If you have a goal of making a million dollars before you turn 27, will you feel satisfied when you get there? Who knows. Uncertainty scares the shit out of me, so I'm trying something differet. I have one major goal that I write down every morning when I wake up.

"Enjoy the day."

If you're having trouble setting goals, give that one a shot. Your day might look very different from mine. For me to enjoy the day, I have to do 3 things. Make progress. Spend time with someone I love. Laugh.

Figure out what it takes for you to enjoy your day. Then do it, everyday. If you're able to keep the streak going, you will look back at a great year.

Now that's a good goal.

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