Investing (your life) in a startup

first day jitters

First Day Jitters

Today will be my first "real" work day in about 8 months.

I start my job at Mattermark in a few hours, but this feels different than any other job I've started.

The shaky nerves aren't there.

On Sunday, that sense of dread that rolls around in the afternoon when you know you have a work week ahead of you never came. I wasn't trying to squeeze things into the day, fearing that my freedom was about to be stripped from me. I'm legitimately excited. I'm excited to tackle the challenges of this new job and to make some lifelong friends at work.

The startup I left my previous job to work on never panned out the way I had planned. But that's okay. I don't feel worn out. On the contrary, I feel full of energy. The last 8 months were in an investment in my well-being.

If you ever feel stale at work for months on end, and get an opportunity to change things in a big way, do it. I quit my job to build a startup. You might quit yours to see and smell the world. Whatever it is, invest in yourself. The returns will surprise you.

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