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I finally made it to San Francisco.

But, I can barely walk and have a raging fever. I blame the fever on nerves and a quick change in weather from New York's snow to San Francisco's warm sun. Not being able to walk? I have no idea. It must be from running. I could barely straighten my left leg yesterday, let alone carry my entire life's collection of clothing up 5 flights of stairs to the apartment I'm crashing at.

It's okay. Major moves never go smoothly, right? If I focused on all the things that might have gone wrong moving from NYC to SF, I never would've come out here.

The next time you're thinking about taking a major leap that will change your life, ask yourself 1 question.

Are my fears legit?

Honestly, the thing that worries me most about moving out here is not making any friends.

On the East Coast, I was surrounded by a great group of people who love and care about me: people I've known for 15+ years. Out here, I only know a 2 or 3 people: none of whom I've known for longer than 5 years.

How do you make new dude friends, anyway? Am I stuck spending Friday and Saturday nights in San Francisco alone in my apartment watching sports? I'm sure the first few weekends will be tough, but what are the odds that I can't make 3 or 4 good friends in San Francisco over the next 2 years? Pretty slim. That fear is not a legitimate one, so it didn't keep me from moving here.

When you contemplate making a major decision, what are the biggest concerns you keep coming back to? Dig into them a bit. Are they legit fears? Are you content with what you're currently doing? Give it some thought. You might be better of tackling the fears head on, rather than avoiding them completely and doing more of the same.

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