Investing (your life) in a startup



I made very little money last year.

But, when it came to work, stress was low. The most noticeable difference in working for yourself vs. working for someone else is the pressure. When pressure comes from expectations you have for yourself, it's manageable. Even if you set the bar high, reaching for your goals is a stretching exercise. No one is pressing on your back, making you feel like your hamstrings could explode as your reach for your toes.

External pressure is an entirely different ballgame. Even when it comes from a person you respect, it feels different. It's the type of pressure that causes that tight feeling in your chest and shortness of breath. Finding ways to manage that pressure and turn it into positive motivation is one of the biggest challenges an employee faces at a new job.

Do you have what it takes? Don't let the the pressure lead to self doubt. The company saw enough promise in you to hire you. As you get settled in, and achieve a few small wins, that external pressure may even turn into praise.

Keep your head down and grind.

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