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Product Hunt

Startup Spotlight: Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a company people dream of working for.

When I began looking for jobs a month ago, I started by building a spreadsheet of all the companies I would love to work for. I never got around to applying to Product Hunt since it was a spot below Mattermark on my list, but it would've been a fantastic place to work.

It's a site that surfaces the best new products every day, and startup founders fantasize about having their product reach the top spot. If you moved to San Francisco, every person would immediately know you're the real deal if you told them you worked at Product Hunt.

Beyond the superficial stuff, it checks all the boxes on the finding a startup worth working for list and shows no signs of slowing down.

The biggest draw for me? A CEO that would be awesome to work for.

CEO Transparency

Ryan Hoover seems like an all-around good dude.

I've never met him before, or even asked anyone who knows him what they think. All I know is that I trust him. He has been incredibly transparent while building Product Hunt. After reading his blog posts and listening to his podcasts for a few months, I would've been willing to invest a few years of my life working for him.

From articles about Product Hunt's humble beginnings to tactical advice on turning a hobby into a business to posts on self-improvement and even a glimpse into his childhood, Ryan has bared it all for the world to see. That's the type of person you want to work for.

Any startup you work for will end up mirroring the personality of it's founder and CEO.

Would you prefer that personality to be cloudy? One where you don't know what your boss thinks about your work, and are unsure of what you must do to make progress?

Or, would you prefer working at a startup where transparency is king and you know that doing good work is all it takes to reach the career goals you're shooting for?

It's a no-brainer.

Hear more from Ryan

Above, I shared a bunch of the resources that make Ryan seem like an awesome person to work for.

If you need more convincing, or just want to learn more about Ryan and Product Hunt, feast on the links below:

Product Hunt Radio is worth checking out to learn more about the hottest tech products and hear from the highest-profile founders and investors in the startup community.

Ryan's appearance on This Week in Startups is worth your time if you want to hear him talk about what it feels like to go viral.

We fucked up. Give it a read if you still need convincing about the importance of transparency. Ryan apologizes for an oversight on Product Hunt (and keeps it from blowing up in his face.)

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