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take a second to learn

Take a second to learn

Just a few minutes ago I was packing my suitcase for my move to San Francisco.

I had folded my clothes neatly, but with half of my wardrobe still on the bed I realized I had little chance of fitting everything.

In the past I would stuff everything in the bag, stick my knee into it, and manhandle the zipper until the bag closed. By the end of that battle, the bag may be zipped, but I'll also have a headache, sweat-stained armpits, and a 60% chance of the suitcase bursting open at the airport.

Today, I tried something different. Midway through packing I stopped, went on YouTube, and watched a quick video on how to best pack a bag. I spent the next 15 minutes unfolding, then rolling up my clothing to maximize space.

When all was said and done, my bag was packed (without me kneeing it into submission), I'm headache free, and the chance of it bursting open at the seams is low.

How much heartache/frustration/upset/disappointment could you save yourself from if you just took a second to stop, and learned the best way to proceed?

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