Investing (your life) in a startup

do what you love

That's awesome you're doing what you love

The idea that you can't do what you love until later in life pisses me off.

What corporation brainwashed us (and our parents) into thinking it's okay if our first job after college is a terrible one. How did they convince us that we should "pay our dues" when we're 22?

What if you don't live that long? There's no guarantee you'll live until you're 80. You may never appreciate the fortune you've built if oyu wait until after retirement to start living your life again.

What about your friends and family? What if you spend 12 hours a day doing work you hate so much that your unhapiness seeps into the rest of your life, making you a person others don't enjoy being around. Your relationships will be damaged and so too will your quality of life.

It's your chance to be selfish. A spouse, kids, and serious bills are right around the corner. If you put off doing what you love so you can make more money now, good luck finding the time to do it in 5 years.

A man I look up to told me he's proud of me for doing what I love just last week. I couldn't help but here the pang of regret in his voice. He's only in his 30's now, but the way he said it made me realize there is something he wish he had done when he was my age. Now married with a young son, he may never find the time to make it happen.

In 5 years, what will you regret not doing today?

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