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walking to work

Walking to work

Living within walking distance of work is one of my major goals early in life.

It's a simple thing to shoot for, but it can have a massive impact on my daily, and therefore yearly, happiness. Walking to work is the one slice of my day when I'm not in a rush. I'm free to enjoy my surroundings and soak in the beauty around me that I wouldn't be able to appreciate if I was in a car or subway. It is one of the only waking moments I'm not staring at a screen. When I'm walking to work, I'm the master of my universe. I'm not at the mercy of traffic or a boss who needs some sort of work accomplished ASAP.

It took me a while to appreciate walking to work. I use to perceive it as a waste of time. If I only lived closer, I would be able to spend more time working, blah, blah, blah. Now, I realize it's key to doing good work. It allows me to recharge and start every day fresh and clear-minded.

I don't know how long I'll be able to enjoy this for. I imagine I won't want to live in the heart of a city when I'm a bit older and raising a family. Until then, I'll enjoy the walk, and all the beautiful things I see along it.

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